Each week we meet on the internet with the responssables on site to organize the activities of the children. We establish the budgets and follow the accounting.

The keys to fulfillment

​​Our mission

Explanatory: Each school year since 2011 we provide materials to students for free for their education.

This material consists of:

Book Syllabus (880*30)       26400 PKR
Note Book Set(300*30)         9000 PKR

Stationary (50*30)               1500 PKR

Uniform for 30 Children 36 000.00 PKR
                                Total 72 900 PKR



Dadapted programs

We provide breakfasts to children every day before class for better concentration.


+ Urdu, English

+ Mathématiques
+ Reading
+ Writing
+ Biology
+ History-Geography



School support and extra-curricular activities

Activities once a year are organized as:



Sports outlet

Students have the opportunity to practice a sport as part of a plenary day once a year.



Picnic exit

Students enjoy a full day with a picnic in a nature park with recreational playground facilities.